Thursday, September 27, 2007

Car light

It seems that I have an electrical field around me that does something to car lights. I've had a number of cars over the years and they have all had light issues of some sort.

One car the light that lit up all the stuff on the dashboard kept going out. I fixed it once then learned to live without it at $95 a pop. Later a van lost it's inside overhead light and I promise you that I kept going back my local auto parts to buy the bulb and they were always 'just out'. This lasted forever, to the point that there was a flashlight in the car to read maps and things at night.

My current car, a Pontiac Grand Am, which we bought to give to 17 eventually, I have already changed the bulb on the 2 front lights and now the back light went out. So, I'm a pro at this by now, I'll just change the bulb. HA! that would have been easy. It wasn't the bulb. So, when I took it for the oil change a few weeks ago at my local Goodyear, I have them check it. He said it was the entire electrical panel for the rear light. The part has to ordered from the dealer directly. He's said it would cost a pretty penny, so he actually showed me (I can use a screwdriver!) how to change it to save some $$. Nice! Have you ever met a mechanic who did that! I love those guys!

So, did YOU order the part? Hubby said he'd take care of it since he's out and about driving most of the day. Well, 17 got a ticket over the weekend for , you guessed it, no rear light. I haven't asked how much the ticket was because I don't want to know. So, I call a dealer, they will charge me $330 to change it! When I tell him no, I only want the part, it's $180! - for a light! So, I call my dad, who finagles things. I give him the VIN # and yesterday he shows up with an entire light, electrical panel and outer parts for $50. He found it at a junk yard. Way to go DAD! So, tonight's adventure, to change the light on the car because 17 has a formal dance tomorrow and it would be uncool to get pulled over again with a date all dressed up for the dance.
Wish me luck!

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Hilda said...

Go Dad! The fine Cuban art of "resolver" never fails!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You're changing a car light - that's awesome!