Friday, September 28, 2007

Still no light...

I'm ready to trade in the car. Fine. I won't. Really, it's only a light but it has caused a lot of unrest.

Originally, I went and bought the light bulb to change it. Then bulbs because we thought it might be all three that are in the unit. Then I was told it wasn't the bulbs but the unit that we are plugging it into. (Enter dad, with $50 part) 17 and I took it all apart and undid and redid and undid again and swapped out bulbs and redid, still no turn signal! We had break lights but no turn signal. Apparently, the break light part was the bulb!

Now, we (son & I) aren't geniuses but we are relatively intelligent people so we take it all apart again and start fiddling here and there. Studying this and that. Compare our to the junk yard one. AHA! The actual connector piece that plugs this thing into the car looks faulty. It has a number of little plugs in it and two of them look -dirty/rusty/blown out- (insert what you think may be appropriate there according to your level of expertise). Clearly, this is beyond us and this connector is actually wired into the car. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we are going to have to take it to a dealer.

So, today's mission, find a dealer with hours that we can handle and get an appt. to fix the car turn signal.

Evidently, there is proof that 17 is my child, I can't deny him. As we closed the trunk of the car he said, "Of course, it would always be easier to buy a new car!" LOL! Gimme Patience.

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