Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Horror

I realize you haven't been getting much from me lately. I've been really busy and I need to organize myself a little better.

So, here's just a quickie to tie you over. I went to Universal's Halloween Horror this past weekend. I had never been. My boys had both gone last year. It was a hoot. I didn't trail my boys in fact, I saw them only periodically over the entire weekend but that's another story.

I'll tell you about the Horror event itself. It's really something. They go all out. The decorations (that doesn't sound right because when I think decorations I think pretty and this was gory) were well done. They have themed haunted houses that you walk through and are decorated to represent the theme and also very well done. I went through 2. One was Vampire themed and the other Texas Chain Saw.

The vampire had assorted vampires feeding or preparing to feed on their victims. So there were people (think: villagers) in cages (think: large bird cage) and some chained to whatever, some alive, others "dead" with the vampire looming over them dripping blood. Then as you turn different corners vampires would jump out and scare the bejeebuz out of you. In the "kitchen" there were headless bodies hanging from the ceiling that you actually had to move to walk through. It was gross because the rubbery bodies felt cold an slightly slimy- GROSS!

I thought the Chain Saw one was better mainly because I don't like vampires. We walked through a house that looked like it had been destroyed by people trying to escape the Chain Saw guy. So, you can imagine. There were doors that someone (Think: granny and teenage Susy) would open and scream as they were trying to escape the path of their assailant. Then when you think its over because you are outside behind the house, there are clothes lines with white bed sheets hanging to dry that are sprayed with "blood". As you nonchalantly walk through this behind some of those sheets is the Chain Saw man who jumps at you starting up the chain saw. Not for the faint of heart. I think my scream could be heard all the way back to Miami.

As you walk around the park there are various scary characters walking amongst the crowd that walk next to you and scare you. Again the costumes and makeup are excellent.

Now, mind you none of these people can touch you. Once I knew this all was good. The only way to be scared is the surprise of people popping out of places and the yuckiness of something that looks gross or gory but obviously its all fake and you know this so its more of an Ewwww thing for me.

Overall I had a blast. There were lots of people, endless lines etc. but I'm glad i went. It is now crossed off my list to things to do before I die (I wrote it in when we decided to go so that I could cross it off since it really wasn't on THE list). Next year we will probably go back to make sure that the boys arrive alive but I think I'll spend the cash at a nice dinner at City Walk and treat myself to the Spa at the hotel which looked awesome!

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