Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Things I learned...

Things I learned on my weekend trip...

* I LOVE to travel. Ok, I didn't learn that cuz I already knew that. I love everything about travelling. The packing, the plane, the car rental, the hotel, driving around looking for places to eat, seeing what your gonna see. ALL OF IT! I need to travel more!

* I need to loose weight. Ok, I didn't learn that either, I knew that. I mean I know I'm heavy. Fine. I'll say it. I'm fat- very fat. But OMG! the bathroom in my hotel had a mirror on the back of the door. Not a good place because you see yourself sitting on the toilet- not very flattering. And OMG! I'm enormous! Again, I know I'm fat, I realize what size clothes I'm buying. But that mirror made me realize we need to put a stop to this. Enough already.

* I wish I was the one going to college and not my son. Ok, I didn't learn that either. I knew that. That thought comes up every time a brochure comes to the house which is daily. Ahh, youth is wasted on the young!

* I miss the 4 Seasons. Ok, I didn't learn that either. I've been saying it for years. I'm a transplant here in Miami and I miss the weather changes, the changing of leaves, the snow, the fireplaces, sweaters, hot cocoa, Indian summers. Even though I have now been in Miami more than half my life, it still feels like something is missing. It feels like one looong a$$ summer!

* My son needs a scholarship or he's going to a state school. Ok, technically, I didn't learn that either. We've been looking at colleges for a while and DANG if they aren't expensive. Honestly, 40k a year! and you are supposed to go for 4 years! Thank goodness for the Florida Prepaid plan that fixed the tuition for the state universities.

* It's nice having one on one time with 17. Fine, so I knew that too. We all had a good time. We had some good laughs and some good talks. I think we made some nice memories for him of just the 3 of together enjoying ourselves. We met up with another family and had a nice time with them too. We all exchanged funny travel stories. I bothered her son, she bothered mine- all good-natured fun. Many Kodak moments. A lot of togetherness, fun and silliness before he goes away. The irony is not lost on me.

OK, already! I didn't really learn much this weekend. But all of that came to a head in less than a 24 hour period. So, it was little brain overload there with all those different emotions coming together. This whole college thing is exciting and nerve racking and I'm not the one going. Well, what will be will be....


Hilda said...

Yeah that mirror on the back of the bathroom door is brutal.

Well, other than that, it seems like the trip was a success. You didn't tell us what you though of the university though...and more importantly what did 17 think? And sadly even more importantly is it even doable?

Marcia said...

That mirror is brutal!!! WHy do they do that?? Holidays are supposed to make you feel like eating more, not less LOL

I also love everything about travel.

Thanks for your wonderful gift ideas on my blog - I appreciate it :)