Monday, October 01, 2007

Was it a long weekend?

It sure felt like it. Friday was 17's homecoming dance, we packed, we washed, we were up at 5am to catch an 8:30 flight to Charlotte, NC, to rent a car, to drive 2 hours to Greenville, SC, to get to Furman University, to watch a video of the school, listen to the coaches, get a quick walking tour, eat dinner there, to go to the football warm-ups before the game, watch the game, go down field after the game, talk with players, talk with coaches, then go to a local sports bar to munch and watch the Gators game, to head back to the hotel for a few winks to get up at 8am for the hotel buffet breakfast and 2 hour drive back to Charlotte and flight back to Miami, to wash clothes and have dinner and crash onto my pillow.
Lots more to come about all of this. It was a great weekend jam packed but I'm tired.

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