Friday, October 26, 2007

Is Mercury in retrograde???

It must be or some other planet necessary for my cosmic alignment is out of sync. Things have been a little nutty lately. Nothing major just lots of little things.
Wednesday nuttiness:
I drop off my prescription in the evening, they tell me it will be ready in the morning. Fine. I go back in the morning to find out that its' something special and they have to get it from .... come back in the afternoon. Bottom line, it took 2 days for me to get the friggin eye drops! I forgot my lunch, forgot the angel pin that I wear to my sons' football games, computers have not been very nice to me either. I try to do something simple at the office like make a lousy copy and the copier says OVERHEAT. Gimme a break!

Thursday nuttiness:
We hurry to the bank after work because we also have to grab some groceries before getting home. I had forgotten my checkbook so they have to look up the account so I can make my deposit which HAS to get in because it was my paycheck from last week that I hadn't been able to deposit and NEED to deposit. Fine. Get to the grocery store, they don't have the frozen garlic bread we normally buy, they don't have lean ground beef we buy substitutes. Fine. I get home and 17 is working on college applications and frustrated because he just got his SAT scores and wasn't happy with the results. The few groceries are on unloaded on the counter as he calls me over to help him with a couple of questions and talk. Now if you have kids, especially boys, or maybe its just my boy but you don't blow off a request to talk. I sat there for 40 minutes answering his questions and giving SOLICITED advice to get eye rolling, shoulder shrugging and be told that I didn't know what I was saying. So, why did he ask? (%*&(#%^&* Whatever. Fine. I try to get to my room to change my clothes and use the restroom when I get stopped at 15's door. Ma I have a cross country meet tomorrow, its all day, its at --- park, you have to get me there at 8am but I don't run until 10. The logistics of this are killer! and I won't be able to go because I can't take the entire day off of work right now if its really not an emergency, we are swamped. UGH! Fine. We'll figure it out. I finally make it to the bathroom. Ah the relief... and then MOOOOOMMMM, do you know where the recommendation letter is from Father D? Now, I ask you, is it MY letter, was it given to me? No and no. and then MOM, I need this washed for the race tomorrow. I loving yell back, Can you let me finish peeing! PULEEZE! I quickly finish up and change, tell 15 to load up the washing machine, tell 17 look on your desk it has to be there as I make my way to the kitchen to put away the groceries that have been on the counter for over an hour and get dinner started while hubby is on the phone with the insurance company because he bumped a Mercedes on the expressway on the way home that I'm sure will cost us a fortune. MOOOMMMmmm the printers not working! I stick my head in the door and say add paper. Voila! it works, imagine the ingenuity! Did you find the letter? No, you have it mom, I gave it to you. Fine. I head to his room. Scan all the surfaces including the largest one, the floor, I spot an beige envelope on the floor on top of an Economics book, pick it up and hand it to him. Gee thanks, I told you you had it. It was on the floor in your room. Oh, ah, thanks. Can you please make a copy before you send it out so we have some here. I head back to the kitchen. I see hubby walking all over the house and discover he has lost his keys as we hear MOOOOmmmm the copy is coming out red. I walk over and open the printer/copier and shake the black ink cartridge and put it back as we hear a crash, hubby opened the door to the utility closet to put a screwdriver away and well, think: Fred Flintstone's closet. I head back to the kitchen laughing because my pasta is boiling over. I don't want to say out loud, What else can happen? because my brain knows that quite a bit could actually happen and I'm not really up for it. Eventually we do sit down to dinner, figure out the logistics for the next day yadda yadda yadda.
Such a happy peaceful place, my home. I am blessed but gimme just a little more patience, please. :)

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Hilda said...

Sounds about right!

Just breathe - and remember, I'm coming over to your house to play on Sunday! YAY!