Friday, December 28, 2007

Bucket List

Have you seen the movie? I haven't. I am told that the premise is a life list. Things to do before you kick the bucket. The list is an old idea but it prompted a conversation on Christmas Day where my 10 year old nephew declared that it's important to have goals. We should all write down our bucket lists! I told him mine was very long that I have trouble getting through the things I want to do this week much less before I die. He looked at me like I was sprouting another head and shook his head. He only has 2 things on his bucket list. Go to LegoLand and parachute out of an airplane. I commented that those were 2 very doable things. He replied, everything is doable, you just have to go do it. This of course took the conversation full circle as I explained to him that was why my list was so long. I want to do so many things because they are all doable. He pondered this and I thought the conversation was over. He came back to me almost an hour later and told me he'd been thinking, I needed to just want a few things at a time so that I can do those first then I can add more once they are done. Next problem, which few do I choose. He told me that was my problem. Gee, thanks.

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Hilda said...

Smart kid. He's absolutely right, sometimes we give ourselves so many tasks or so many goals to achieve that the sheer enormity of *the list* paralyzes us.

Maybe that should be something we should strive for...pare down the list to a few things and don't add stuff to it until we achieve those few.