Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day....

I did all of my hobbies Sunday! I think that is just too cool. In the morning I did some scrapping, I laid out 2 pages. I used my sewing machine for the first time. I made a custom "table" cloth for a built in that I have. Each of the sides has a different stitch because I was playing with the machine learning how to use it but no one will notice. Then in the late afternoon I made guacamole (becuase I had a couple of avocados laying around) which I will serve for at the New Year's Eve Party at my house tonight.

The bad part of the day was finding out that a friends mom fell and fractured her hip and requires surgery and she spent the day in the hospital and that sucks.

I am working today, I have between 70-80 people coming to my house tonight and I am working. Everything is really done, I mean hubby is just cleaning the plastic chairs and setting up tables outside. Everything else is done. The cleaning lady is there today and she will clean the bathrooms and give the kitchen a final once over and I will come home to a freshly cleaned smelling home. Too bad we are going to undo all that a few hours later. Oh well! C'est la vie!
I sincerely wish everyone a new year of good health and happiness!

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TroyBoy said...

I am sorry that the Mrs. and I missed the shing-ding. How was it?