Monday, December 03, 2007

Fuzzy math

I know math is not my stong suite but I think I can do basic math. So either the math is fuzzy or my memory is. You figure it out.
I heard over the weekend that the Thriller turned 25. I think there's a mistake because that means it came out in 1982 (2007-25=1982). I wasn't in Miami in '82 and I was in Miami when it came out. I saw the premier of the video on my first date when my now hubby that was in December 1983, I was 18. I know I was 18 when I moved to Miami so 1965+18=1983. Both hubby and I remember that we saw the premier at the club that we went to adn it makes sense, if it was a year old they would replay it around Halloween not Christmas. So, you figure it out...fuzzy math or faulty memory.


Hilda said...


The *album* was released 12/1/1982:

The *video* debuted 12/2/1983:

So you could in fact have seen the premier in 1983 - but it would have been December, not Halloween.

Hilda said...

Psst...go check out this post: - on my Blog.

TroyBoy said...

I guess saying that I was in fifth grade when Thriller came out when identify a glaringly apparent generation gap between us, eh?

But it doesn't matter because I am one of the oldest fuddy duddy 30-somethings that my wife knows...just ask her. So, I don't think that there is much of an age different between us, at all. Not that I just called you an old fuddy duddy....okay, I'll shut up now.