Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Here I am!

I guess I fell off the blogshpere for a while. I was busy being busy with the holidays. I hadn't even read another blog until today. I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Not that I'm not busy anymore, I mean. New Year's Eve is at my house and well, it's not ready at all!

I had a lovely Christmas...Eve was spend with the family at my in-laws... good food...good company...good fun! and Christmas day we spent a lazy morning at home and then headed to my SILs and visited my dad too as he lives near her. The nephews got a Wii, so we spent hours playing guitar hero and boxing and tennis and and I knocked out my 18 playing the boxing. It really is quite a workout! Lots of fun.

18 and SIL both bought my hubby the SAME pullover shirt. We thought that was a hoot because with ALL the stores in S.FLA. and all the pullovers how did the 2 of them pick the same one. But then SIL and I both bought her boys the same book, her 6 year old was very confused that Santa would duplicate like that but we told him that he's really old and sometimes old people forget stuff and make mistakes. He said it was ok, that he forgave him because he brought lots of other cool things.

I did lots of baking all season, lots of shopping, lots of wrapping, lots of visiting, lots of cooking, some scrapping and other things too. I can't write about it all now.

Oh, another fun thing happened. When we got home from MILs on Xmas eve, there was a white envelope sticking out of out mailbox. I asked 18 to get it since it had been raining off and on so that it wouldn't get wet. He pulled it out and I see that its a big 8x10 envelope.
ME: Where's it from?
18: Loyola
Me: Congratulations!
18: How do you know I got in? It could be a rejection letter.
Me: Rejections are short and sweet; acceptances are think with information.
He goes inside and opens it. He was accepted to Loyola in New Orleans.
Hubby: So Santa came by and you don't even believe!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with their families. I will get back into the swing of things and post regularly. Many stories to tell...

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Hilda said...

YAY Loyola! YAY New Orleans! YAY!