Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day....

I did all of my hobbies Sunday! I think that is just too cool. In the morning I did some scrapping, I laid out 2 pages. I used my sewing machine for the first time. I made a custom "table" cloth for a built in that I have. Each of the sides has a different stitch because I was playing with the machine learning how to use it but no one will notice. Then in the late afternoon I made guacamole (becuase I had a couple of avocados laying around) which I will serve for at the New Year's Eve Party at my house tonight.

The bad part of the day was finding out that a friends mom fell and fractured her hip and requires surgery and she spent the day in the hospital and that sucks.

I am working today, I have between 70-80 people coming to my house tonight and I am working. Everything is really done, I mean hubby is just cleaning the plastic chairs and setting up tables outside. Everything else is done. The cleaning lady is there today and she will clean the bathrooms and give the kitchen a final once over and I will come home to a freshly cleaned smelling home. Too bad we are going to undo all that a few hours later. Oh well! C'est la vie!
I sincerely wish everyone a new year of good health and happiness!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I got...

I never told you what I got for Christmas...
My boys did real good this year, they covered ALL of my hobbies. 18 got me the Readers Digest Complete Step-by-Step Book of Sewing. It's awesome. 15 got me a clear drawer storage center for all of my scrapping goodies. It has wheels so I can take it from room to room wherever I set up to scrap. Can't wait to fill it. Hubby got me a pocket pedometer. yes, I wanted one. The idea is to exercise more in 08 by adding more steps to my day. He also got me a subscription to Cooks Illustrated magazine. Oh, yeah and 18 also got me the book March, which was on my list of books I wanted. My dad got me a bunch of sewing notions: a cute pin cushion, pretty pins, a bobbin case, small scissors, a seam ripper gadget, extra needles for the sewing machine, a tape measure etc. My SIL gave me a beautiful scrapbook the cover is a gorgeous red silk. I will make that book themed of Christmas through the years. My MIL gave me a gift card which I promptly spent on new bed linens. A friend gave us a new board game which I hope to break out and play on the 1st and start the new year playing games with friends eating leftovers from the party the night before and of course watching the Bowl games. That sounds good to me.

Bucket List

Have you seen the movie? I haven't. I am told that the premise is a life list. Things to do before you kick the bucket. The list is an old idea but it prompted a conversation on Christmas Day where my 10 year old nephew declared that it's important to have goals. We should all write down our bucket lists! I told him mine was very long that I have trouble getting through the things I want to do this week much less before I die. He looked at me like I was sprouting another head and shook his head. He only has 2 things on his bucket list. Go to LegoLand and parachute out of an airplane. I commented that those were 2 very doable things. He replied, everything is doable, you just have to go do it. This of course took the conversation full circle as I explained to him that was why my list was so long. I want to do so many things because they are all doable. He pondered this and I thought the conversation was over. He came back to me almost an hour later and told me he'd been thinking, I needed to just want a few things at a time so that I can do those first then I can add more once they are done. Next problem, which few do I choose. He told me that was my problem. Gee, thanks.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time together

As you probably imagine 18 doesn't stay home many evenings on weekends or vacation. He's usually out hanging with friends. Well, last night I still had lots of scrapping to do for his football album but he stayed home and wanted to watch a bunch of TIVOd programs. He had gone shopping during the day to spend all his gift cards at the sales. He was tired. So, did you scrap? I didn't. He showed me all the clothes he bought and I oohed and ahhhed then I sat on the sofa to spend time with 18. Cookies and milk and Tivo with 18. It was a lovely evening. I fell I must take advantage of this when he wants to do it because there won't be much more as graduation gets nearer and nearer. Ironically, 15 who spends many more evenings home spent the night at a friends house so we were still down one child. It's rare to have them both all night so I take what I can get.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Here I am!

I guess I fell off the blogshpere for a while. I was busy being busy with the holidays. I hadn't even read another blog until today. I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Not that I'm not busy anymore, I mean. New Year's Eve is at my house and well, it's not ready at all!

I had a lovely Christmas...Eve was spend with the family at my in-laws... good food...good company...good fun! and Christmas day we spent a lazy morning at home and then headed to my SILs and visited my dad too as he lives near her. The nephews got a Wii, so we spent hours playing guitar hero and boxing and tennis and and I knocked out my 18 playing the boxing. It really is quite a workout! Lots of fun.

18 and SIL both bought my hubby the SAME pullover shirt. We thought that was a hoot because with ALL the stores in S.FLA. and all the pullovers how did the 2 of them pick the same one. But then SIL and I both bought her boys the same book, her 6 year old was very confused that Santa would duplicate like that but we told him that he's really old and sometimes old people forget stuff and make mistakes. He said it was ok, that he forgave him because he brought lots of other cool things.

I did lots of baking all season, lots of shopping, lots of wrapping, lots of visiting, lots of cooking, some scrapping and other things too. I can't write about it all now.

Oh, another fun thing happened. When we got home from MILs on Xmas eve, there was a white envelope sticking out of out mailbox. I asked 18 to get it since it had been raining off and on so that it wouldn't get wet. He pulled it out and I see that its a big 8x10 envelope.
ME: Where's it from?
18: Loyola
Me: Congratulations!
18: How do you know I got in? It could be a rejection letter.
Me: Rejections are short and sweet; acceptances are think with information.
He goes inside and opens it. He was accepted to Loyola in New Orleans.
Hubby: So Santa came by and you don't even believe!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with their families. I will get back into the swing of things and post regularly. Many stories to tell...

Friday, December 07, 2007

We ALL have to share this world...

Today at a famous brand coffee shop where they ask your name as they take your convoluted order I didn't actually give mine as the girl knows it. I go there often. I work in the building. So, I'm chatting with another regular as we wait for our coffee creations and they call out my name and order. Another woman starts to take it. I politely say, Excuse me I believe you are taking my coffee and I smiled at her. Armed with an attitude that no one should have at 7am, said WELL, She said MY name, so I took it! as she glared at me daring to take it from her. Mind you I heard her give her order as she was right behind me. She ordered a half-caf, non-fat latte. I ordered an Egg nog latte with an extra shot. I took a deep breath, smiled and said that's ok you can have mine. I'll wait. I turned to the barista and asked her if she could duplicate the drink for me. She laughed and said sure thing. The woman didn't try her drink, she proceeded to add 2 sugars at the condiments bar as it looked like she was talking to herself but it was really on the phone she had one of the bluetooth thingys in her ear and was relating the story to a person on the phone that some woman tried to steal her coffee. When she left the store EVERYone at the pick-up area laughed and we all just wished we could see her face when she takes that first sip!
'Tis the season...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Getting there...

I'm almost done with my shopping. But I have been steadily working on this since mid-November. I have shopped online and on Black Friday. 15 happily gave me a list which is fabulous. Since his list is quite substantial, I asked him yesterday what his top 5 items would be; I happen to have all 5! Yeah, I'm so happy with myself! Plus, I thought of something that he didn't put on his list that he's going to flip for when he opens it. 18 didn't give me a list. I know he wants clothes so I asked him can you please just sit and write down what sizes please. Did he tell you? Cuz I'm still waiting. He has told me a few things and I did buy some clothes but I'm just not as excited about what I got him. I guess because I don't know if it's going to fit right, if he'll like it etc... I do have a couple of things that I KNOW he's going to flip for. Then there's the hardest person of all my hubby. Ask him what he wants, he tells you nothing. So very helpful. I did get him something but it's not enough. I have to get him something else. Everyone else is pretty much done. I am going to get my dad's gift today. I know what it is, I just have to go to the specialty store and get it. Then I have one more pre-teen boy to buy for, a cousin. He's tough because I do think he has everything and I refuse to give a gift certificate. We'll see what I do. But I am almost done! Yeah me. Now, this weekend I start my baking gifts. I have more Crema de vie to make and cookies and I will make some cakes, one for the school office and one for my eye Dr. (he's also family) for their offices to share. Also, on the Xmas horizon this weekend is Christmas cards and of course, to start wrapping gifts.

I won't go into that my house is not decorated yet because that's a hot spot with me and hubby right now and I am taking the high road and choosing not to fight or kvetch about it. Aren't you proud of me? If you knew me, you would be.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Fuzzy math

I know math is not my stong suite but I think I can do basic math. So either the math is fuzzy or my memory is. You figure it out.
I heard over the weekend that the Thriller turned 25. I think there's a mistake because that means it came out in 1982 (2007-25=1982). I wasn't in Miami in '82 and I was in Miami when it came out. I saw the premier of the video on my first date when my now hubby that was in December 1983, I was 18. I know I was 18 when I moved to Miami so 1965+18=1983. Both hubby and I remember that we saw the premier at the club that we went to adn it makes sense, if it was a year old they would replay it around Halloween not Christmas. So, you figure it out...fuzzy math or faulty memory.