Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coin toss

At game night the other night we were talking about odds and probability and other math stuff like that. I will be honest and tell you I don't remember how the conversation started but I know that we got into whether it was 50/50 chance of a coin toss being heads or tails. My stance was it's 50/50. Hubby and others took the position that it wasn't that it depended on the number of rotations, the number of times you toss it etc. Guess who was right? Before I tell you, sit down. I don't want you to fall over when you find out. All safe and secure now? Moi! I was right. HERE are the actual reasons why.

Any other mathematical problems you would like me to ponder and resolve (read: research online)? Just so ya know, hubby still doesn't believe me. I realize it's hard for him to imagine that I get something associated with numbers right. Go figure! :)

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Hilda said...

See? See what happens when we drink Margaritas *and* wine? We wind up talking about math and probabilities - that's never a good thing.

I blame Troy.