Thursday, June 12, 2008


As I have mentioned before, I am not technically inclined. So, I laugh as I take stock in my techness.

I can write on 3 separate blogs, I am on MySpace, I am on Facebook and I am on Goodreads. I think that's a lot! Granted I never used the MySpace or the Facebook previously except to check up on my kids and their friends. Now I have started actually using Facebook. I'm learning...slowly.

Hmmm...I wonder can I link my blog(s) and Goodreads to the Facebook? I will have to play with that later.

Another thing I just learned how to do is how to transfer pictures from my computer to CDs. I made some for the dads for Father's Day. WooHoo!

I will take this moment to send a THANKS to The Mind Wobbles! She is the one who takes the time to deal with all of my tech-questions and has the patience to walk me through things like the little linky thing up there to her.
So, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks and I'm getting a little technical.....


Hilda said...

My pleasure...:)

Any day now we'll get you to post a picture in the Blog!

Matt said...

Yay for The Mind Wobbles...she helped me out when I was first starting my blog!

And way to go PurplePassion for becoming more and more tech savvy!

sari said...

Hilda rules!

I don't bother with anything but my blog, I can barely keep up on that, I don't need Facebook and MySpace.

Then again, my kids are not old enough to use it yet either, so I don't have a need to be there.