Saturday, June 21, 2008

The more things change, the more they stay the same

That saying occurred to me this morning as I was driving 15 to his Cross Country practice. Last night I had a wonderful time and well needed laughs coupled with the fun of meeting new friends. Just what I needed after this week.

Pheasantly Fascinating, Mrs. Phez, The Scribbler's Nook - who I insist I know from somewhere. He looks so familiar! I truly hope it comes to me!- , The Mind Wobbles and her hubby all got together at Chez Phez to play Cranium. It was tons of fun. As we were leaving TroyBoy said they had little kids that wake them up at 5am. Well, mine may not be as little as his anymore and you may think much has changed but lets see. I'm thinking Baby Phez probably woke them up a little after 5, my alarm rang at 5:20. Mrs. Phez and I both got up. She got the baby, changed his diaper and got a bottle. I woke up 15 and got dressed. She probably took the baby to their bed to feed him and trying to get him to doze off so they can squeeze in another 20/30 minutes of sleep. I drove to the park, parked the car. lowered the windows, reclined the seat and slept for an hour while 15 ran. It's now 7am. They've given up on sleeping in. Lil' Phez is probably up by now wanting breakfast, they start the day for real this time. I am sure coffee is in play. I sit up and watch them finish up their practice, stretch and at 7:30 we leave the park and go home. He showers and I start laundry and have my coffee.
So, 15 years have gone by and my grandfathers words when I told him I was pregnant ring true. "You will never sleep the same again."
I just met the Phez' and I don't know their morning routine. I am really winging it assuming they do close to what we did when the boys were that young. But as you can see we are all up because of the boys, taking care of the boys. The upside here Phez' is eventually you don't have to change their diaper. :)
Thanks Phez' for inviting us! It was lots of fun!

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Matt said...

You can add a 25 year old getting up at 5:30 in the morning to be at work at 7! The more things change, the more they stay the same!