Monday, June 09, 2008


It's June and in case you didn't know, it's mine. Yes. The month of June is mine. My birthday is smack dab in the middle and I claim more than that day, I take the month to celebrate my birthday. I live large that way. I spend the entire month saying I want stuff and if the family whines, I say but it's for my birthday. I win. :) I enjoy celebrating things. Anything. So, I stretch my birthday out. I realize I have to give some time to the dads fro Father's Day (heck sometimes my bday falls on Father's Day) and my brother's bday is in June too and I am sure there are other things that are not me-centric that happen in June. But that works for me because I like sharing. So it's still mine. June is mine and I will celebrate it as I want but I'll share too because I like sharing. Just don't ask me to do something I don't' want because I wont' because it's my birthday month and so there you aren't the boss of me and can't make me do it.
So far this June is going just fine!

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