Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Imagine....

You are fast asleep. You vaguely hear some noise in the background but manage to ignore it and continue sleeping for you don’t know how long because well, you’re sleeping. You hear these words in your head “Good morning. What time do you pick up 15?” It’s a dream right, you don’t have to answer maybe you make a noise that sounds like a response, you wouldn’t know because well, YOU’RE SLEEPING. There it is again, “Hey Sweets, What time do you pick up 15?” So you answer out loud in probably an Exorcist type voice 7:15. Then you hear more voices and start realizing that this is not a dream this is your life early in the morning. You hear the Exorcist voice interrupt the voice, “What?!” You realize that Exorcist voice may be you. You clear your throat and start to open your eyes as you come out of your sleep fog and think that voice must be my husband. You are still hearing it. It’s another question, it’s about dropping the car off when you pick up 15. “What?” -that sounded like you- What time am I getting up? You are asked, “What time do you normally get up?” 7, you answer. Now you know it’s your husband who is telling you, “OK, I will go pick up 15 and when I come back we’ll take the car when I take you to work.” You’re only response is “What time is it now?” 6:32. So, you lay there for a minute and try to think. It’s 6:32, I have to get up when? To go to what before I g….” You feel yourself drifting off into that fog again. Noise you need noise. Where’s the remote. Turn on the TV for stimulation. It’s on, good. Focus on the noise. What are they saying…knit, perl, bind off…it’s a knitting show... concentrate! OK, what time is it now, click info on the TV, it’s 6:44…you’ve got to get going because even though you are unclear as to the whats, wheres and whens, things need to get done. You’re up, dressed, ready to go and he’s not there. Fine, he’s picking up 15. So, have your breakfast. 15s practice is over at 7:30, you have plenty of time to eat. The second you sit to eat, they’re back. WOW, how’d they do that? 15s never done that early when you pick him up. Hubby takes off to the room, you are still having your breakfast, and you are watching one of your favorite channels in an attempt to smooth out your rocky start. Hubby appears and sits next to you while you break fast and announces he was having stomach issues. OK, shows over, breakfast is done, what’s left of your coffee is cold. You take it all to the kitchen and ask, “Are you ready to go?” As you both head out the door, you check “Are we taking the car?” YES, he snaps back. You take the car and go to work and start bickering in the car about the time, lack of communication, the coordinating of the morning and getting to work. He naturally doesn’t understand because according to him he figured it all out with you this morning. He doesn’t understand that you were frickin frackin sleeping! WTF! If you did it to him, it wouldn’t work because you have learned over the years to NOT speak to him in the morning otherwise you mess up his routine. He thought you were different from him that he could talk to you in the morning. Yes, I’m different you can talk to me but preferably when I am maybe AWAKE! You get to work at 8:50. You had committed to having some reports delivered via email to someone by 9am. They are going to be late. Life’s a bitch. This was my morning…and hubby’s…we didn’t start off on the right foot….he doesn’t understand…he gets to go home and pace his day how he wants, he’s got the day off. I have to deal with deadlines and work demands and a buttload of work. Gimme patience! My MIL tells me that she doesn’t take returns or exchanges since I lost the receipt for him!

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