Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Defying the odds

Yesterday's post was cut short because I was urgently called back to the hospital for my grandmother. I had left her an hour earlier with the docs orders for meds and tests having been given and a wait and see how she reacts. I went home to shower, change have dinner, connect with my family and do something a little mindless and recharge myself after a few hours in the ER.

I was called because now she was refusing treatment and they didn't want to take responsibility if something should happen. The Doc told me she wouldn't make it through the night...(heart rate in the 160s and BP 68/40)...she was arguing and physically fighting off Drs and nurses most of the night refusing treatment saying she wanted and was ready to die. We all tried to talk her into treatment. Every logic was used. Every ruse was used. Doc still claimed that she was coherent enough to make her own decisions. Finally at 3am ... I tried a different route...
ME: "Why the heck did you come to the hospital? You should have just stayed home and not wasted the bed and everyone's time and died there!"
GM: "That's what you want -for me to die! Well, I'm not going to! Nurse give me everything immediately to prove to her that she can't make me die!" Success. It hurt but it worked.
This morning she is awaiting a room to be admitted basically because they don't understand how she came back and her vitals are now stable. It's been a long night....

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sari said...

Gosh that's tough. I hope you're able to get a little rest today before you're back with her!

And I hope she gets better soon.