Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have the headache from hell. Yes, I am at work. Why, well because if I were to stay at home I'd feel guilty that I should be at the hospital and if I'm at work I can't be at the hospital so I'm at work. Back to the headache. It has been raining and yucky out for like 3 days. I have had the headache for like 3 days. It's because of the weather. I don't want to get technical on you (as if I could) but it has to do with atmospheric pressure and my head. Suffice it to say that other that drilling a hole right above my temples and over my eyes on my forehead and maybe on the top left of my head to relieve the pressure I will have no relief until this frickin' frackin' front passes. Naturally when I am in this state I should try to refrain from stressful situations, therefore I am at work and not at the hospital, guiltily ignoring the white elephant in the room and calling in to talk to docs and nurses and GM instead of dealing with them all in person.
But let me take a moment to rethink how I am (not) handling this....
I am grateful and blessed for:
*my GM who is reminding me loud and clear to appreciate life and that we are always in control of our life unless we give that control away
*my family who is being so patient with me, my GM and being helpful around the house
*my friends who are constantly fonts of prayer, love and support
*the rain that we so badly needed in this area
*my job that lets me forget about life stresses and yet gives me time to deal with them when needed
*for the strawberry pie I made last night because I couldn't sleep because of this horrid headache head hurts...gimme patience!

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