Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate Schmebate

I didn't watch the second debate last night. I am tired of it all. I am tired of all government and want everyone out and to start over but I guess we can't really do that. OK, I did listen to only one question not get answered by either one and that got me all bent out of shape. They both using different words said the exact same thing. Hubby of course argued No, they didn't. I said ok, what did M say? this that the other...and didn't O say, that the other thing and this? He thought about it and finally agreed. Neither one answered the question and they both said the same thing! FRUSTRATING!!!!
Instead of a debate they should have a 20 questions. People get to just ask questions and they can only answer yes or no and then we have to guess which candidate it is.
I can see it now...
Are you for off-shore drilling? Would you invade Pakistan? Are you for Minimum Alternative Tax? Are you for govt funding of stem cell research? etc.
That would be more enlightening that listening to them skirt around the meat of the questions.
Maybe I should send that in as a suggestion....

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