Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ready to Jet!

18 called to tell me he was excited. What about? Seeing us! Isn't that great! He's excited about this weekend. He called to PLAN the weekend. I was driving during this conversation and gratefully was almost home because I thought I might crash.

First, he was put on 2nd string and may get rotated into the game. He was told the move is because the other team like to throw the ball and they think his speed will help cover the long pass. WooHoo!

Second, he's got Sunday off. No meetings, no practice. So, he's wondering if we could go into the city, NYC. Sure! Can we take some other guys? Sure! We want to go to MOMA. WHAT?! I figured you wouldn't mind. Mind! I could probably spend a week in there. Let me get this straight. You want us to take you and some friends into NYC to go to the Museum of Modern Art? 16, who was sitting next to me, intuitively says: either there's a girl or his brain has frozen because of the cold. It's a girl and I don't care! I'm amazed he's not ditching us for her and that he's actually including us in the trip. I am spending Sunday at MOMA, with some college kids, including my son at his request! OMG! pinch me!

Third, he went over other things, he's liked planned the entire weekend with us. OMG, who is this person that called me and what has he done with my son?!

Not sure if I will be able to post while I'm gone but I'll try. I am so ready to get on this plane!
I am not calling the hospital until after 7pm when the nurse who knows me is supposed to be there and I know that everything will be fine because it has to be! How's that for positive thinking.

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