Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yawn!...excuse me.
This is what I have been saying to people for days! I am so frickin frackin tired. I can barely get through the day. Hell, there are some days I don't get through the day.
Yesterday, after we got home we realized we needed milk for breakfast so hubby went out and I stayed home to change and get dinner started. Only when hubby came home I had changed and laid down in bed, just for a few minutes. Hubby's all "What are you doing!" I yawned and said 'Nuthin.' DUH! And dinner was still in the fridge/cabinet.
We're up at 6am and I am at work @7ish and we get home @6ish to then cook and do some house things etc. I get into bed @11ish and don't really fall asleep until @midnight. It's making for some long ass days I can tell you.
Sunday was a little better, I didn't get dressed. Seriously, I was in my PJs ALL DAY. Now that doesn't mean I was in bed all day. By the time I got dinner started I had to take a shower and change into a fresh pair of PJs because I was so dirty from all the cleaning I did in my PJs. But it was easy cleaning. I went through piles of papers accumulating on every surface of the office and bedroom and sorted and organized. Then I emptied an area of a closet and reorganized it and put it back together. That's what did me in. After that I took the shower to re-energize. Then I spent the evening quietly scrapping. That was good.
Right now, even as I type this I am still yawning. It's 1:00 in the afternoon. I gotta wake up! Or maybe I need to just stay in bed...

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