Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stereotypes are true and 100K!

So, we're back from NY and visiting 18. It was great seeing him and spending time with him hearing all his stories.

One of my favorites...
Mom, you know all those TV shows and movies you've seen about college life and you think the roommate set up is so cheesy and just too stereotypical and over the top? Well, they're true, those are my roommates. There are 4 of us: a meathead, a pothead and 2 athletes. He doesn't call himself a jock, I wonder why.

After the homecoming game where we met the other athlete roommate (RM) and his family, we finally had a chance to go check out his dorm. RM was sure to let us know that they had cleaned up for our visit. So across campus and up 4 flights of stairs, that's right there's no elevator in this building and naturally we entered the building on the opposite end of his room, so down the entire corridor to his room. There's a handmade sign which looks like it could have been drawn by my 5 year old niece, that says men's room. I laugh and ask, what's the joke. He said there is no joke, that's pothead he loves making signs and putting them on people's doors, he shrugs. He thinks that's hysterical. Most of the signs on the floor are his. Okidokie. The Common Room as it's called is small but picked up and clean. I'm impressed. There are some chairs a couple of ottomans, some short bookcases and 3 mini-refrigerators, one with a mini-microwave that one belongs to 18, and a TV. So far so good. Of course, I resist the urge to move the furniture because honestly, it would flow better set up differently but whatever, not my room. Then he opens a door and says this is my room. AH, there's the chaos I know as teen-boy living. Beds unmade, duh!, clothes hanging off the footboards, piles of things under the beds, the desks cluttered with piles of books, papers and other miscellaneous items such as soap. A few hooks on the walls with towels and coats and just a general sense of creative chaos where only the owner can claim the ability to find anything in. All seemed right in the world.

Meanwhile, bank in FL, 16 spent the weekend in Orlando with friends and I am told they were certain they had won 100k! They were each planning on how to spend their half sure that they had the winning combination of game pieces from a fast food restaurant, one piece with them and the other at home. The parent they were with kept trying in vain to convince them to share their new found wealth with their loving parents because after all without our financing, they wouldn't have gotten the winning pieces at all. His pleas were falling on deaf ears. It was all for naught because once they got home they realized they were still regular Joes and not 100k winners after all, they both had the same game pieces. Aw, so sad. In this economy 100k would have come in handy.

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