Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Back, and not much has changed

Granted I wasn't gone long but...

You're dying to hear about Houston but I didn't see much. The beep beep Intercontinental Airport is very nice. The client's office that we went to was very nice too. The presentation went well enough I think. Those who weren't falling asleep I think understood what I said. I have spoken to GM everyday and this morning she's all WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I told you I went to Houston, I spoke to you yesterday from there. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS TRAVELLING! THE FOOD HERE IS HORRIBLE AND THE THERAPY PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. So, I now that she's feeling much better because she's yelling at me. The kids are counting down the days to Spring Break. They are planning to go to the beach as much as they can. How nice to be young! SIL and BIL are leaving for the Smokies in her RV Saturday for a week. I have to remember to call her before she leaves. I hope they have a great time. Of course, that reminds me that I haven't spoken to my brother in a while, I need to call him too.

My face is a mess, it's all red and swollen and looks like I'm having a allergic reaction to something. 'Cept I haven't used anything new or different other than Houston water. Someone told me that this could be hormonal and be related to peri-menopause. GREAT! It's itchy, I've been like this all day and now my neck it starting to itch too! Can't wait to get home and take a Benadryl. Maybe I should see a dermatologist.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Maybe something exciting will happen to blog about for Monday... :)

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sari said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely, red face & all.