Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March Madness & Laughter

I really don't do sports on my blog and normally I would label myself as a Football Widow BUT this is just too BIG to ignore. In my house ther are currently only two topics of conversation: March Madness and NFL Free Agency. I have begged for even one day (read: night) without sports discussed in the house but alas I think I should just give up March altogether. With that being said...I have jumped on the band wagon! I'm sitting in the middle of the wagon pickin' on my fiddle!

14 has entered hubby's office pool and is completing NCAA brackets (yes, I realize its gambling; I'm ignoring that, please play along) and I am completing brackets too! What!? you say, has she finally gone mad? My answer to you is, probably. But in an effort to bond with my children and hubby and have something to be interested in with them for the next few weeks, I have completed my selections for who is going to advance in each round of the tournament and eventually win. I did not enter the office pool, I'm just doing it for fun - against the boys at home.

The first laughs came when I asked them to tell me where some of the coaches that I had heard of were coaching now, like Bobby Knight and Paterno. 14 almost choked on his dinner because Paterno is a football coach not a basketball coach; he suggested that I just ask what colors the uniforms were and pick my favorites. Smarta$$! After much prodding I find out the coach's name if Patino, tomayto tomato...I was close. Gimme a break!
So, can you imagine the look on 14s face if I pick more winners than he does?! LOL :) I'll let you know how I do.


Hilda said...

Oooooh! Oooooh! I did that too! We really need to stop sharing a brain - we're going to wear it out too soon (which explain the memory lapses, I guess).

Hubby entered my office pool, but I'm keeping my brackets just to see how I do. I based my choices on the very scientific method of what college I think I like better. If I haven't heard of the school, I based it on which city I like better.

What? It's a strategy!

So, I've got Pennsylvania taking it all! What about you?

Hilda said...

Well the team I chose to win the whole thing lost in the first round. BWAHAHAHAHA!

I guess I'm out!