Friday, March 30, 2007

Yummy AND good for me!

Ok, I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere online but you have to run to the grocery store and get this. Cookies made by Kashi. Not the crackers, not even the soft chewy crackers they have. It was their snack brand TLC and it was a fabulous Kashi oatmeal type cookie. It was excellent! It was chewy, fresh, had cranberries and was soooo good. Everyone here at the office loved it. One cookie is 130 calories and was low in sodium and 0 trans fat and I don't remember what all but it's really a healthy good snack. I'm really upset that I didn't even find a picture on the Kashi website. This is so new they haven't even updated their site. Shame on them. But it was ooooo sooooo good. Go try it!

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