Friday, March 02, 2007

My tough old lady

Two day ago the doctors were making me decide whether to insert a feeding tube for my GM. After a day fraught with thought and prayer I decided no, I honestly don't think she would want that. So, they tried to reduce her sedatives so that she could swallow and eat something. I was able to get her to drink one of those fortified milk drinks, Ensure.

This morning, she is awake and alert! Arguing with the tech from respiratory that she doesn't need an aerosol, she NEEDS BREAKFAST! Arguing with the nurse that she must bring her a phone and her purse IMMEDIATELY so she can call her Dr because they are trying to kill her here... Enter me.... Good Morning! You're awake! GM: Of course I'm awake they are trying to kill me. Did you bring me breakfast!?

I fed her scrambled eggs, grits and an Ensure. She ate it all. She argued with me about her illness because she has no lung problems because she never inhaled in the +65 years she's smoked, she has no kidney stone because she's never had them before she just needs a laxative, she has no heart problems she's just upset that we are keeping her here unnecessarily, she has no blood pressure problems she just needs her grapefruit juice. Why did I bring her here and why won't I let Pacito (a Dr. she knows- who's probably retired by now) see her. The fool idiot that came to see her this morning is NOT her Dr. I tell her he's stuck with him, Olivia (the nurse) and me until she gets out of here. Poor Olivia, she's trying to be cheerful, she comes in delighted - Finally, you are awake, I can talk to you. GM: Why should I talk to you, you are poisoning me with all these fool things, get me my Dr!

And to think that 3 days ago they were telling me it was touch and go. She's a tough one but we always knew that. I tell her to be nice to Olivia that she's been taking care of her all week. She answers, I don't have to be nice to anyone, especially people who are trying to kill me.
Gimme patience :)

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