Monday, March 19, 2007

Odds n' ends

GM refused to be transferred to a rehab center that would allow her to remain on cardiac monitors but consented to surgery for a pacemaker which the Drs. deem necessary if she won't be monitored. They evaluated her as competent and coherent to make her own informed health decisions, so, she was operated on Friday. She came through it with flying colors and was hitting on the surgeon in recovery. Today she asked me when they were taking this pace thing off of her. Yeah, sure docs, she understands what's going on...

March Madness. I was off to a phenomenal start as far as I was concerned and was beating both hubby and 14 much to their chagrin. Two rounds later I am loosing, shocker I know. But I'm not out of it yet! Georgetown is still in it and I have them winning it all. Hubby and I bet that the winner doesn't do dishes for a week. Go Hoyas! :)

We did our taxes over the comment other than we lost a child deduction because 17 is well, 17. This country is so confused as to when a child becomes an adult! Really, they should coordinate their collective thoughts and let you keep deducting for the child until the child is considered an adult on all fronts!

I haven't seen my extended family for months! Heck I haven't seen my dad since last year! And my friends, if I have bumped into them at random events or seen them as they pick up 14 to get him to something because I can't . This has to stop but right now I can't see the forest between the trees or is that the trees in the forest, not that doesn't make sense...oh, you know what I mean!

My house looks like let's just say it looks like a place you don't want to visit much less live in. If you need clean clothes please get it from a pile on the coffee table. If you need anything else, keep looking.

Hubby and I are still pretending that we are not sick. We are popping cough drops like candy and over the counter cold meds religiously every 4-6 hours. The boys are fine but if 17 sprays me again with the Lysol, I'm gonna smack him! I realize that it was an accident, he didn't know I was coming down the hallway because he couldn't hear my hacking cough over all his spraying but for Pete's sake gimme a break!

That's all for now, more fascinating happenings later....

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Hilda said...

We need to get together and drink - LIQUOR - none of that coffee crap!

Hang on Sugar, it'll get better. At least that's what everyone keeps telling me.