Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

I am taking off today for Houston on business. I have to make a presentation for a client and I'm only gone over night but I LOVE going away to anywhere.

Granted there's lots of stuff happening now but when the plane is taking off I feel exhilarated, full of possibility. It takes the mundane out of life.

My co-worker is teasing me about my luggage. I packed the smallest suitcase I have on wheels (cuz I don't want to carry anything more than my purse) and it's more than half empty, like I said it's overnight. Plus having the small carry-on suitcase makes me feel more like I'm really going away not just spending the night at some one's place. I don't care how much he teases, I'm going away.

Tonight I will watch what I want on TV. I will have sole use and possession of the remote control. I will do this in a king size bed in a room with the temperature set (and adjusted upon my whim to accommodate my peri-menopausal states) while I read my book. DIVINE! I can't wait!

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sari said...

Have a great trip!