Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sick update

GM may be moving out of ICU today. She is schedule to go to the Telemetry (sp?) ward. She's off antibiotics, she's still having heart issues, thus telemetry but mostly she's being nice! Now, for most people that's not newsworthy but for MY GM that's the stuff history is made of. She is actually being a good patient, taking her meds orally, willing to do the respiratory therapy - you know the breathe into the tube thingy a bunch of times. She's being nice! I think they must have done a transplant or major transfusion without my permission. It's not just me... B, the lady who manages the ALF where she lives went to see her yesterday and left me this voice mail "..they transformed your GM, I hope it's long term..."

MIL. Her surgery was cancelled! This poor woman has been fretting about this surgery for over 6 months and they cancelled it again. She is FREaking out. They found a spot on her chest xray that warranted further testing, so she had more tests that lead to a PET scan. They have decided to go the biopsy route now and are scheduling for next week. MEANWHILE back at her uterus, the PET scan concluded that the cysts etc there are benign and just need to be removed for removals sake. OK, HELLO! why didn't we do this 6 months ago! Instead they have one Dr. say it can't wait until after the holidays and then it gets cancelled twice and 6 months later she gets told it's a nonevent! She is so fried! She spent the entire weekend in tears. I call and listen but I don't think it helps much.

The chiropractor told 17 that his hip is getting better. He's been going to weekly treatments in the hopes that he would not have to undergo surgery. We are told that his muscles are too strong fro his bones. - I'll give you a sec to read that again. Because of that the muscles can pull off the bone and take chips with it and that's what happened to his left hip joint. He had an xray and they have determined that with this therapy he getting that it would stimulate growth and repair itself. It seems to be working- at least for now. It's something he has to watch.

I did not go to work yesterday because my head weighed like 562 pounds all by itself. I could barely lift it to drag myself to the bathroom. Apparently, sleeping reduces head weight because today not only can I lift it but most of it's parts are working ;)

I've gotten updates on other friends who have been sick and have other friends and family that have assorted things. Many of the updates have been good. There are a couple I haven't heard from. I need to send a card. I love sending cards. I think it cheers people up. It cheers me up.


Dixie said...

I'm saying a prayer for the sick folks in your life. Hope you're feeling better too.

sari said...

I hope you're feeling better and that your family members are doing better also.