Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a fabulous weekend. Did lots of nothing and bits of things to make it a mostly relaxing productive weekend.

* GM was back in the hospital and didn't let me be with her. I realize that sounds wrong but it's true. Her blood pressure and heart rate would spike when I was there and she actually told to the Dr. to tell me to leave. When I called on Sat morning to see how she was doing and see if she wanted me to take her anything when I went to visit, she told the nurse that she didn't want me to come. Then she calls and leaves me messages telling me that she has been abandoned and no one goes to see her. They adjusted her meds and sent her home on Monday.

* Laundry day! Did too many loads! Did some maintenance cleaning to keep the house presentable. You can still visit just don't go to the bedrooms. Sat. was MIL bday and she was in the keys with my SIL who was camping in her RV for the weekend. Hubby and I drove down in the afternoon to join them for dinner. We went to a VERY nice restaurant and had fabulous food and a really nice time. We decided that we have to go back to the restaurant a ton of times because the menu had over 70 entrees to choose from. Needless to say I could not choose and the waitress did so for me. I almost forgot! I got my haircut. I basically told her I want it off my shoulder, you decide from there. Do whatever you want. It came out really cute. I'm happy. Maintenance free!

* Sunday's highlight was hanging out at a friends house after dinner with 3 other couples learning to play Poker. What fun! We all started by putting $5 in the pot to play, me and someone else ended up going in another $5 but it was lots of fun! We had a really good time and now I know how to play poker. Of course, I need my cheat sheet of what beats what but then I'm good.

* Monday I didn't leave the house! I did light cleaning and heavy organizing. I cleaned out the bottom cabinet in my bathroom and got rid of many expired meds and just organized the whole thing. You can find whatever you want there now! I also cleared off my night stand. I threw away a few things (ok, mostly old catalogs) and separated a few books to give to others to read and then re-stacked my 'to be read' piles. But at least it's dust free now and looks neater. I put away a bunch of photo albums that had been pulled out and never out back where they belong. As I did that I pulled out two photos that I will be using to place an 'ad' in the Media Guide for the school football team for 17. Next weekend I will work on the ad. Hubby was working in the office and made a dent in there. The shelves are clean and reorganized too. After dinner the boys watched the Netflix movie with us "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams. We all liked it. We laughed together. It was nice.

The boys were studying for finals all weekend so the whole weekend was interspersed with "quiz me on this!" which was fine. Forced hubby and I to take breaks and sit for a while.

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Hilda said...

I was supposed to get a haircut but postponed the appointment until next Saturday. I can't figure out what I want.

I love yours though...