Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Do you like Wednesdays? I don't. They are right after Monday on the yucky days list. It's not like anything horrible ever happened to me on a Wed but nothing really noteworthy ever happened on Wed either plus the whole middle of the week thing. You know the "over the hump day" stigma of Wednesday. They are just blah. Until a few weeks ago...

Two weeks ago was a friend's birthday, my MIL was operated and successfully had a mass removed from her lung (which has since been tested and was negative!) and 17 ran and placed in the 4x400 District Track meet and his school actually won the District Meet and so they move on to Regionals. It was a good day not blah at all definitely noteworthy.

Lots of other things have been going on but I will blog about them later...tons of work...but had to blog to get back in the swing of things had been too long.


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