Thursday, May 17, 2007

A slow week...

After last week being so busy, I was grateful for no scheduled events this week. I have been catching up on laundry and doing all sorts of cleaning and organizing at home. My list of things to do is like 3 pages long.

Now, I said scheduled events because of course there's life, getting in the way again.

GM is fed up with her ALF and wants to live on her own! I'm trying to ignore her but apparently she is enlisting the help of others to find her an efficiency. I am in denial and steadfastly trying to not address the issue.

17 fractured his nose. That sounds better than broke his nose, right? So, trip to the emergency room on Wed night to get it x-rayed and everything. Of course, this is the end of the world because he has THE spring game next Thursday and God forbid if he has to miss a practice. So behind his back, like any good mom, I emailed his coach and told him not to let him practice. he was surprised, he didn't know 17 had even been hit in the face. Well, duh, if he tells the adults then they won't let him do what he wants.

So much for a boring week. I'd really like just one. You know to see what it's like.

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