Monday, May 07, 2007


Do you like musicals? I love musicals. I don't think I have seen one that I didn't like (OK, sue me, I'm not in love with CATS but I didn't hate it.)

So, Saturday I saw Evita, the movie with Madonna and Antonio Banderas- FABULOUS! LOVED IT!

Sunday I went to see The Lion King. It was the family Christmas present. Yes, I dragged 17 and 14; all four of us went with a friend of mine. The production was beautiful. What genius came up with the costuming of the animals, I don't know but WOW. The music was great. The production, the colors, the everything! I loved it and am so I glad we went.

Now, the boys...Hubby liked it. OK, the actual quote is "It wasn't bad." All three of them thought the second half was slow. 17 says he thinks he actually dozed for a few minutes. There was a scene with a bit of dancing (ballet/modern) and no singing at all and there were more ballads than in the first half. Hubby didn't like the Rafiki character (I think because she sang a lot in "African" and was obviously not understood by anyone) his favorite characters were Pumba and Timon. 14 was the most vocally against being dragged to the event but he thought the 'animals' were cool, at first he didn't realize they were all people with headdresses etc on. So, that impressed him. 17 didn't protest (knowing it was useless) basically just said the slow songs were too long, the rest was OK.

I drag my family once in a while to these types of events because well, I think I'm supposed to. It's not all about sports ya know! We've gone to the ballet, assorted plays and musicals and museums. I haven't taken them to the opera...hmmm....

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