Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flowers for who?

I promise this blog isn't going to turn into a recount of all my dieting and exercising BUT I walked again yesterday about a mile because I walked to the Florist to order flowers. That's right, instead of getting in the car and driving over I walked, placed the order and then walked home. 19, who is the middle of exams, asked me to order some flowers for GF for prom (not a corsage) and flowers for GF mom and GM for Mother's Day. Of course, I'm thinking and what about me? No flowers for me? Oh well, at least he's making a good impression on the GF family. So, I walked over and ordered all the flowers and bought myself some hydrangeas. Some blue and white ones. They are beautiful. So big and full. I never buy flowers because they always seem like an extravagance and I think I should be spending the money on something else but I was there buying for everyone else and since I've been in a funk what the heck. I bought myself flowers.
So that you get how strange a happening it was when I got home hubby and 16 didn't understand how the 3 flowers that I had put in my vase were going to last until next weekend for 19 to give to them. Since I bought 3 flowers, they thought those 3 flowers were going to be given to GF, her mom and GM. What in the world?! What dunderheads! He's going to hand each of them a hydrangea! OH, for Pete's sake! The 3 of us went around in a circle of conversation the likes of which the 3 stooges made movies of until they got that those were mine. I bought them for me NOT for him to give away. Since planning ahead is a foreign concept to them, it took them a while to get that the other flowers were ordered ahead of time to be given at a later date.
Apparently, I still have some work to do on 16 but at least 19 is thinking ahead. Gimme patience.

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