Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hot hot hot!

As you saw, I had lots of plans for the weekend and as usual life is a moving target and so I did some and not others.

First, the Alvin Ailey show on Friday night was phenominal. It was like food for my soul. I had a wonderful time. It just made me feel all warm and fuzzy and good. It was beautifula nd awesome in every way. Of course, as usual it made me wish I could get up and move like that. Afterwards we went to get some food for our bodies at Versailles which yummy and fun, as always.

Saturday I ran my errands and did the birthday shopping for my niece, visited my GM but I did not go to the Farmer's Market because the one I planned on going to ended in March. I will find anouther one soon. Saturday night took us to The Palm for dinner. It was far but the food was good. I'm glad we went but is it ever pricey so really, if I'm paying I don't need to go again. If your paying, take me I'll sacrifice myself and eat something.

As an appetizer we shared an order of Lump Crab Cocktail which was lovely. With it came a basket of saltine crackers and what looked like a fish spread. Since I tend to like everything, I served myself a liberal amount of spread on a cracker and had at it. All oxygen was sucked out of me and out my ears and the heat went down to my core and then back up the back of my throat to the tip of my nose and my optical nerve making my eyes water. As quickly as I could I stuffed the second saltine cracker in my mouth and with great effort forced myself to move my jaw up and down in a chewing motion to down the cracker. When I could breathe again I took a small sip of wine and a deep breath. Hubby who is always leary of new foods only dipped the tip of the tines of his fork into the spread and his eyebrows shot up when he tried it. He asked, What is that?! I, still trying to collect bring my breathing to normal levels, calmly said, horseradish! Bwahahaha! Serves me right for diving in like that. It has been said before and that only proves the point. I will die by mouth. I swear if I would have exhaled, dragon fire would have come out of my mouth. I am telling you I loaded it on the cracker.

Next, was the salad course. Hubby had the ceasar salad which he said was good. I had a hearts of palm salad served with wedged tomatoes, hard boiled egg and some kalamata olives on a bed of green leaf lettuce and a dressing of oil and balsamic vinegar.

The main course was NY strip for hubby and Filet Mignon for me. Both were cooked perfectly medium well and medium rare, respectively. Mine was like butter. Very tasty. The family-style sides we ordered were hash browns and sauteed asparagus with garlic. The harshbrowns were nice and crunchy on the outside and sofe and tender on the inside. the aspragus was perfect and the whole garlic cloves melted in my mouth.

For dessert we shared a slice of key lime pie which was uber-rich, homemade with condensed milk. Fresh whipped cream topeed witha strawberry was on the side. I had coffee to help it all go down.

Again, it was all good but very pricey. Good steak can be had for less. I'm glad we had a gift card that covered more than half the bill.

Sunday was going to be lazy day at home but I ended up meeting SIL and MILs to go to her niece's house and look at photo albums of the pictures taken of her 15s back in December. It was a nice afternoon. then it was home to watch Tivo, fix dinner and relax.

Monday was a lot more of nothing stressfull, just TV and magazine reading.

I need more days like the past few, horseradish and all. LOL!

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