Friday, April 10, 2009

Packing for the Beach...

What do you need to go to the beach? My son is on Spring Break and met up with friends this morning for breakfast and from there they are heading to the beach.
The girls got up early and called all the boys to make sure they were up and going to be on time for the meet.
The girls went to pick up a friend and the grocery store to buy needed supplies before going to the meet.
The girls made sandwiches - peanut butter and jelly because it's Good Friday and they can't eat meat- with the jelly and bread they bought at aforementioned grocery trip.
The girls packed a cooler with ice for soda and water and cups (also just purchased).
The girls packed the car with chairs and a bag with towels and sunscreen.
The girls probably also packed other things, I am missing here but it was all on their list that they wrote last night and left on the counter so they would all be in sync and not forget any crucial items. The girls also had to get up early to get the list done.

My son got up (on his own, the girls called AFTER he was up-thank God for small favors), did his business in the bathroom, fed the dog, packed a sports bag with his wallet, a dry change of clothes, grabbed a beach towel, put on his bathing suit, t-shirt and sandals and was ready to go.

And us women complain that men are useless. I say we create these monsters and have no one to blame but ourselves. Alas, the cycle continues. I'm not saying its necessarily bad. I'm just saying, don't complain later.

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Hilda said...

I confess - I'm a "take a bunch of crap to the beach" person. Maybe that's why I don't go to the beach even though I live half an hour away - it's exhausting.

I need to take a couple of towels, a hat, a t-short for when I've gotten enough sun, a chair, a book and/or magazine, sunglasses, sun block, a cooler with ice and water and possiby soda or Riunite (yes I know it's bad wine, don't ask, it's a beach thing), snacks, music, chancletas because I hate walking barefoot on the hot sand, and probably other stuff I can't think of right now.