Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Clermont and me

Well, Nablopomo was a flop but it got me motivated and I've posted lots more than I had been. So, I'm thinking it worked for me.

Over the weekend I went to Clermont, FL. Hubby office was having a golf tournament. WE left the house at 4AM and were back home by8:30ish PM. Yep, we did it in one day. We didn't want to spend the $ on a hotel for the night. We split the gas and tolls with another couple that we picked up on the way. It was nice. First off the other couple was really nice and I enjoyed having someone to chat with on the ride because hubby isn't much of a talker. Plus I know a lot about hubby already and I just met this couple so we talked about growing up, our families, they just did some remodeling etc. etc. etc. She was going to play in the tournament too. Me, not a chance. I was going sightseeing. Yes, sightseeing. Even in Clermont. I am of the opinion that everyplace has something to see. Of course, in a pinch I had the address of the local library. I figured I could always hang out there for a few hours but it really wasn't necessary.

First place I went to was the The Citrus Tower . Honestly, I don't understand why they originally built it but whatever. It was there. I saw it, I went up it and I have pictures to prove it. I spent more of my time chatting with Susan, the 83 year old woman running the gift shop and she directed me to the Vineyard. Before heading over to the vineyard I peered int the windows of the The Hall of Presidents. It's a cheesy wax museum that had replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Lincoln's memorial and the faces of Mt. Rushmore on it and just peering in the windows was a hoot. I wish it would have been open. I am sure it would have been a barrel of laughs. From there I went to the The Lakeridge Winery. I had never been to a winery and the tour was nice and of course, they had a tasting. To be honest I only liked one of their wines that was a hybrid not a full muscadine (the only grape native to FL) grape wine. The people were VERY friendly and informative, especially Doug our guide. I truly learned a lot. I bought one bottle for home. We'll see if I really liked it when I try it at home. I also just did a lot of driving around because it was so pretty! I honestly had no clue that there were hills in FL. Hills and lakes. Duh. It's Lake County but I really haven't been to many places in FL. So, this was a nice treat. I drove around some of the lakes and up and down hills and went into a few open houses. Some from new developments and some were resales. I had a really good time just relaxing with no plans except to get back to the Golf Resort for lunch with hubby and his coworkers.
I truly must get out and see more of FL. Heck I need to travel period with minimum plans. Just time to browse along. I need to be independently wealthy because work keeps getting in the way of these plans. Hmm...reminds me, I didn't check my lottery ticket.

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