Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cuban Cooking

As you know I have been getting together about monthly to learn how to make Cuban dishes. This past Sunday I learned to make Frijoles Colorados . YUM!

It's one of my favorites and I was taught by my MIL and its one of her best dishes. It's really not that complicated. It's just a long process even with the pressure cooker. We had a wonderful time. Be sure to click on the link there and check out the recipe.

Of course, I took some home for 18. He loves them and is very pleased to hear that I "know" how to make them now. Of course, I will give it a try soon and we'll see how they come out when I make them.

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Trista said...

In regards to the White Trash Puff Balls, yes, you can make ahead. Just mix the cream cheese and pepperoni, add to the crescent rolls, then either freeze or put in fridge to cook when ready. I always make these a day ahead if I'm gonna be busy and then just pop right in the oven. Hope you enjoy them!