Monday, July 07, 2008

Failed Flan

I like to experiment and I often do so when company is coming over. I don't know why. Anyway, I have made flan numerous times but never in my pressure cooker. I was told that I could do this with one of THESE. It was given to me specifically for that reason. I was told that it could be done in the pressure cooker for 20 minutes vs. 45 minutes in the oven. That sounded good to me. Who wants to have the oven on in the summer?! So, I ventured to make my tried and true flan recipe in the pressure cooker. Now I need to ask the giver of the mold, 'How the heck and I supposed to get the mold out of the pressure cooker when it's done?" It's hot, it's a tight fit. Hubby and I tried we really did. We pulled out numerous utensils (and I have a lot) and tried to hook them under the top somehow and pull it up. All to no avail. Then we thought why don't we add more water and it will float up. HMmm. OK, of course as we do this the mold is wobbling back and forth and we both say out loud almost simultaneously, "Do you think the top will keep the water out? I guess we'll find out. " We kept trying to pull it out and finally we did. I popped the top off and the flan was flooded. We laughed. So, I dumped the water and flipped the flan anyway because I wanted to cut into and check the consistency in the middle and see if the 20 minutes was enough. I was a perfect consistency. So, the guests didn't get flan for dessert instead they got a story about it and some left over pound cake and ice cream. I'll get it right eventually with enough patience.

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Hilda said...

Couldn't you flip the pressure cooker and have the thing fall out onto a plate?