Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Docs dont' know nuthin!

All that schoolin' and they don't know squat (can you tell I'm a little frustrated). It's just a best guess like it's all a game. ARGghhhh.

I say I'm perimenopausal or maybe I'm having thyroid issues or maybe sugar level issues or maybe a combination of things like anemia and something else. Well, I didn't say I knew what it was but it's something and the doc doesn't know either.

I've got all the typical perimenopausal symptoms. I mean all of them but those are also very similar to many other things. So, anyway I go to the doctor for the results on my blood work where I am hoping he tells my its yadda yadda (read: something totally common and simple and normal) and avoid eating yadda yadda (read: something that will help me loose weight) and take this pill every morning and you'll be fine. But Noooooo. MY doctor isn't that accommodating. He wishes all his patients had my numbers. Well, la di frickin da! That didn't help me. Nothing to explain the sundry of symptoms that I have. Nothing even borderline. So, now more tests to mega check my thyroid and other stuff. ARGghhhhh!

My dream visit to the doctor would be รก la Star Trek. Remember Bones, the doctor. He had a wand that I remember as looking like the metal detectors wands they use at the airports now. Anyway, the patient would be laying in the sick bay and he'd wave the wand over his body from head to toe and badabing! he would know what was wrong with him. Wouldn't that be wonderful! Ahh, but alas we get to be poked and prodded and sometimes all for naught because they don't know and want to keep poking and prodding. Oh, well. I guess that what we got.

Bones, Where are you when I need you!? Ahhhh, gimme patience.

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