Friday, August 17, 2007

Seen any good movies lately?

I haven't seen much lately. We watch lots of movies and are members of Netflix which I LOVE! I just Love those little red envelopes. I and everyone else in the family has been trained to get excited when they see one of those red envelopes in the mail. What'd we get? Now, mind you I am the one who "runs" the queue in Netflix and even I get excited and rip open the envelope to see what's there with the same anticipation one gets checking their lotto ticket and the first 3 numbers match. Then I go through the same bubble burst when the next number doesn't match and the movie is really one that the kids want to see not me. Talk about Pavlovian response!
That's been happening lately since it was you know, summer and the kids had days off to watch movies. The most recent movie we got (no lie) was Scarface. Yes, Tony Montana's Scarface. Is there another one? Please. Wait. Don't go. Let me explain. A while back when the family was talking about Al Pacino because he was getting some lifetime award we discovered that 17 hasn't seen Scarface. Now, how 15 saw it and 17 hasn't well, I just don't know. He's seen clips. I mean the entire free world has seen clips but he'd never seen the entire movie. So, we thought this needed to be remedied. I mean there are so many references to it in pop culture. It's one of those classics that everybody knows. The boy needs a well rounded education. Don't you think? So, we moved it to the top and the boys saw Scarface.


Hilda said...

purple writes:

"The most recent movie we got (no lie) was Scarface. Yes, Tony Montana's Scarface. Is there another one?"

Yes, actually there is, from 1932 - starring really cool people: Paul Muni, Boris Karloff, George Raft, etc.

Here's the Wiki link:

What? You asked! :)


Dixie said...

I love how you rationalize seeing Scarface again. "It's for the boys' education!". Classic! :)