Monday, August 13, 2007

Lost $$

You know that feeling you have when you reach into your wallet and your short on cash. Well that would be constantly but I mean short as in you thought you had a $20 and in fact you have a $10 not just that you wish you had more $.

Well, that happened to me this weekend. Now I'm not a math wiz but here's what happened. I had theater and dinner plans for Sunday that were all going to be paid for cash and so being the planner that I can sometimes be I went to the bank on Friday and took out $100 bucks for my weekend extravaganza of entertainment. Mind you I already had $34 in my wallet so I can do this math (100+34) now I've got $134. Woo hoo, for a girl who doesn't carry much cash that's a million bucks. I had to pay back someone for the theater ticket ($25) and have cash for dinner. The dinner was a super ritzy place that we were going to because they are part of a program offering limited menu at a fixed price with the intention of getting people (like moi) who can't normally afford the place to come out and try and then maybe we'll repeat (when we hit the lotto). So, dinner was to be $35 plus drinks and wine. Are you still with me? 25+35+drinks+wine= $100 and I have $134. I have extra, no problem. I was perfectly prepared to splurge and spend this on little ole me all in one day and have a fantabulous time.

Friday night, 17 needs $ for the movies and whatever. Fine. I have extra, remember, I give him $20. Saturday goes by running around doing groceries, getting school uniforms, taking kids to get haircuts for the first day of school and even driving thru for lunch. All paid for with plastic. yes, even the drive-thru. Thank you very much. I'm still good. Got all my money saved for me on Sunday(read in sing songy voice)...looking forward to it....working on my scrapbooks...thinking about tomorrow...gonna have a great time....(stop sing songy stuff).

Sunday is here. Make the usual waffles for the gang. Work on a scrapbook page that I was too tired to finish last night. Go take a shower and hubby drops me off at girlfriends house to go to theater. Once we are all ready to go, she's writing a check for the theater ticket, I tell her I've got cash. So, I open my wallet to separate it. Counting out the cash I have $70. Woah!What happened I had extra money! Now, I'm short! Where is it. I start looking thru all the nooks and crannies in my purse and wallet. I find coupons, receipts and business cards - no cash. I don't understand. I've counted the cash 3 times and its still only $70, apparently it doesn't increase by she upon recounting it. What to do?! OK, I have a check on me. I can write a check for the theater ticket. That leaves me with the $70 for dinner, if I don't have a cocktail I should be fine for dinner and wine. But where's the $30. I gave 17 $20 not more than that. I didn't pay for any of the errands on Sat. Friends hubby is trying to help me with the math he knows I'm not the best but even when he does it doesn't add up. I will have to deal with it later. Did one of the boys take $ without telling me? It would be a first. Maybe the $ I gave 17 was more than one bill stuck together, I'll ask him later. Friend now takes some extra cash because she's wonderful that way, to be sure that we are not short in our adventures of the day.

The theater was a hoot. It was a musical and a friend of our was in it. It was called "Tomfoolery" if you've never seen it and its playing near you run to buy a ticket. I need to see it again because I laughed so much that I know I couldn't hear it all. Too too funny! I forgot to give my other girlfriend the check to pay her back for the ticket. Oh, well. We have plenty of time before our dinner reservation so we go hang out at the local independent book store which we both LOVE. We sit and split an appetizer because we are both starving and neither of us had lunch before the theater. So, this will hold us till dinner 3 hours from now. Dinner was great. Good friends at a beautiful restaurant with good service and good food. The dessert was PHFft but the rest was good. A lovely time was had by all. My good friend had to fork out a little more $ to cover the valet- I told you it was a ritzy place- but what are friends for.

Got home told hubby about my outings. He had a grand time at home doing nothing. I mean NOTHING! He watched the golf tournament all day - that's it. Fine. Good for him. We each had our good time in our own way. Went to bed.

Woke up! Sat straight up in bed and yelled "Oh, thank goodness!" Hubby snored a little louder and shifted in bed as I looked over him at the clock. It was 2:35. I took a deep breath and thought well, at least I found the missing $. In my outings on Saturday although I didn't pay cash for any of the boys things. I did stop in a Scrapbook store and bought some very necessary pages and embellishments that I honestly really really needed. That I paid cash for because remember I had extra but I guess I forgot I had given my extra to my son and so now I was short. So, let's review the math shall we: extra$ minus $for son minus $for scrap supplies equals short for theater and dinner. Oh well it was pretty paper.


Heather said...

At least you figured it out. That sort of things drives me nuts.

TroyBoy said...

Ouch. That's a lot of figuring. You gave me a headache. :-)