Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Memetime - The Joy that is...

There are lots of Memes (can I make that plural? it sounds weird) that I haven't done and need to get to. I've been tagged for a few that I haven't done. I've commented on blogs that I'll do it soon to just stay tuned and because (insert witty reason here) well, simply I haven't done them. So, I am committing to doing all the memes that I said I would do but not all today mind you. But I will.

So I will start with one from Pheasantly Fascinating because his was on my birthday, over a month ago and it seems simple. (did you see how my font just changed? why? idunno!)

The Joy that is ....these aren't in any particular order other than popped into my head in this order...

10. Sticking you hand in your pocket and finding money. Doesn't matter how much, a twenty or just one dollar bill; it's fun!

9. Clear skies. Day/night it doesn't matter to me just seeing that clear blue sky or the cloudless dark night. Pretty, calming, I like it.

8. Hugs. I like hugs. I don't think I'm too picky about these either they can be from my kids, hubby, other family and friends. I'd have to go waaaay back to find a hug I didn't like. Mostly I guess because now I choose who I'm around.

7. Cooking. OK, this one needs a caveat. I hate the have to throw a meal together quick because we're all hungry and have things to do and just need to eat for sustenance sake. But I LOVE spending the day/week/whatever planning the menu, looking for recipes, shopping for the fresh ingredients, cooking it all up and watching everyone enjoy it.

6. Dunkin Donuts coffee. I just loves my dunkin coffee. I had lots of it on the car trip we just did. YUMMMmmm.

5. Mail. Not junk mail, not bills but mail meant for me. Cards, catalogs, letters. Yep. a catalog with a cup of dunkin is good.

4. Laughing. If you know me, you know I laugh loud often to tears sometimes loosing y ability to swallow and breath properly. But it feels so good to laugh and laughing with someone even better.

3. Reading. I like reading magazines, books and now blogs too. Time just evaporates when I'm reading. I get so caught up in it and travel to where ever I am reading about. I honestly sometimes feel like I've lived a thousand years through books.

2. People. I am a people person. I like being with people even annoying people (for short period of time) because later I will laugh about it (see #4). Everyone is interesting, everyone teaches me something, even if it's what not to do or say. That's not to say I don't get tired of some people and then I'll simply let them go and find another. There are lots of people out there so I have no shortage.

1. Finishing things. I like finishing things, it's empowering to think "I did that". Now, this is a problem for Gemini because we tend to start lots of things and finish few. Maybe that's why I like it so much when I finish something...

I did it! I finished the meme....I won't specifically tag anyone but it's your turn if ya wanna...


Hilda said...

Purplepassion's laugh is one of the joys of my life. Regardless of how deep a funk I'm in, I hear this woman laugh and the clouds part and the sun shines.

Keep laughing...:)

purplepassion said...

Thanks Hilda. I LOVE laughing with you!