Monday, August 06, 2007


This weekend we watched "Flightplan" with Jodie Foster. She's just plain brilliant but I can't think of a role she wasn't good in. I mean how much of a story can you have if the whole movie is on a plane. Fine. yes, there are few scenes in the apartment before we board the plan and at the airport after landing but for real the whole movie is on a plane. How much can happen? How fascinating can it be? She didn't have much to work with-story, characters etc.- but she is the only reason to watch this movie. Hubby predicted it in the first 10 minutes and I said no way, that's too easy. I kept coming up with something else more complicated and convoluted. These writers were simple. Hubby nailed it. If you can see it for free go ahead but don't spend a lot of money on it or make any special plans.

We also watched the first episode of the TNT miniseries "The Company" with oh, i forgot their names already. Anyway, it was really good. If you like spy stuff, intrigue, espionage and twisty plots be sure to catch a replay of the first episode so you can catch up. It was also nice that the first hour was commercial-free. Granted the second hour made up for it but hey, the first one was uninterrupted.

Now, by uninterrupted I mean they did not stop the action to sell something. They did however sell things right on top of what we were viewing. Am I the only person this bothers? Have I mentioned this before? I just hate it when messages pop up on the bottom of the screen telling me what show is Coming Next or Tomorrow or even what channel I am watching. I hate it when characters from other shows come traipsing across the bottom of the screen unveiling the name and viewing time for their show. FOR PETE'S SAKE LET. ME. SEE. THIS SHOW IN. PEACE! I KNOW what channel I am watching I put it on. Tell me what's on next when this is over. If figure out tomorrow tomorrow! It really bothers me. The director of the show I am watching surely didn't imagine Saving Grace popping up across the bottom or The Closer coming on screen with a flashlight in her hand. At one point it even covered over some subtitles because they were talking in German. UGH! Of course then I suppose about every time a normal commercial spot was supposed to come in a message would pop up telling us that Thanks to Chrysler this was commercial-free. Gee Thanks, get off the screen and lemme watch the show!
It doesn't bother hubby and 17 who were watching it with me except for all my grumbling about it. Apparently, THAT gets on their nerves not pop-up advertising on TV.

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Hilda said...

I didn't like "Flightplan" at all! I don't think they gave a good enough reason for all the trauma that ensued. I didn't get the point.

I do agree that Foster was, as always, wonderful. I liked "Panic Room" a lot more.