Friday, August 03, 2007

Yes, another meme

Just when you thought you were memed out! I warned you, I told you I was behind. This one is from Cup O'Books. I am to list 5 Random Things although it was spun to be about books and procrastination. Let's see...

1. Even though I am only listing one book in progress at a time over there on the sidebar there are usually at least 3 going at the same time. Sometimes a book is too big for my purse and I need to have one with me like ALL the time cuz you never know when you'll have 5 minutes to read and so the bigger book would be the nightstand book. I also usually have one at work that lives there and I read on lunch hour etc.

2. I'm not a finisher. I tend to start lots of projects and finish few. Once I put something down and move on to something else laziness takes over and stands between me a project one (or 32, whatever) and it takes a lot to push me back to it.

3. I am a hopeless romantic. Its my favorite genre in reading. I want everyone to be happy, get along, be in love and live happily ever after. I really really do!

4. In my lifetime I have lost hundreds of pounds. Ive read all the diets, know how to do them just don't have the motivation to stick with them and keep finding all those lost pounds and apparently some that others lost along the way too. ;)

5. I have decided to take the necessary steps to graduate from community college with my AA. I enrolled there in 1983 and still haven't graduated. I have fulfilled all of the class requirements and simply need to take a test. Next Friday I am signing up for the test. If I pass, I'm done. The object here is to graduate before 17 graduates from high school in the spring. Do you see the not finishing trend here. Anyway, I had decided, I told others and now it's out in writing n the net. I'm thinking I really need to do this now.

I won't tag anyone in particular but again if you want to share some of your randomness, please do so and TGIF!

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Heather said...

I have the hardest time finishing projects! I am great for getting things up and running but lose interest before i see it through to the end.

I also usually have two or three books that I am reading at a time. :-)