Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I finished The Darcy Spirit

It was lovely. Nicely written in the vein of Austen referring to characters we know and love and continuing the story with the next generation. I think I can summarize the plot by saying it is a complete adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The names have changes but then are related to the original characters. The places have changed but not so much, we're in Rosings, Bath and London. The same personality faults are inherited, displayed and overcome and everyone of course lives happily ever after. If you need some of that and loved Pride and Prejudice then this is for you.

I just started The Thirteenth Tale. I'm on page 37 and am hooked. Some of the lines make me stop and read them twice. Here's one that I liked: "I shivered on the stairs, yawned and stretched. Returning to myself, I found that my thoughts had been rearranged in my absence."
Don't you LOVE that! ...my thoughts had been rearranged in my absence...

There are other lines but I can't find them now but suffice it to say that I'm enjoying it.

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