Monday, February 09, 2009

Because I don't have a toilet seat warmer...

or an excuse to drink mulled wine in So. FL.

Last week we had our second cold snap of the season here in sunny Miami. Let me translate that for the rest of the country/world (read: the 2 people who read this blog). We had our second 3-day stretch of below 60 degree weather. Perspective people. Please, a little perspective. I grew up in northern Virginia, I realize still not frozen tundra country but it got darn cold and snowed plenty. I grew up with 4 seasons that were visually different from each other. That's not the case here in Miami. We have 2 seasons: rainy season and not rainy season. It's an adjustment still after OMG, I've been living here 25 years. Jeez where did the time go? But I digress....
A year ago, maybe 2, (as you can read I am obviously having issues in this area), friends of mine brought me a bottle of mulled wine from their vacation in Philly. I'm sure we all understand why this may be purchased in bulk up there and be a novelty item in Miami. I thought it was a lovely gift and was looking forward to it but really the timing had to be right. Perfect in fact, because what tends to happen here is it's chilly (50s) when I leave in the morning for work by the time I get home its perfectly comfortable and no need for mulling of wine or anything else.
This little cold snap last week was different. I for one welcomed the change of pace. We actually had multiple days of actual cold weather to the point that in the evening I let my dog sleep inside the house because it was cold out. 30's is cold people. My house was cold because, I know others have turned on heaters in Miami but I just can't wrap my head around that one, so the house is cold. I actually put socks on and couldn't be barefoot on the tile floor. I'd change into my hangout clothes after work and its all good. Then I had to go to the bathroom. OMG! The toilet seat was friggin freezing. Sent chills up and down made me wish I was momentarily a man and didn't have to sit down to do my business. It chilled me inside and out. Seriously. I was cold. Then it hit me. I need to have something to warm me up from the inside out. I did not want hot chocolate and then it came to me in a flash- the mulled wine. I whipped out a pot and heated it toute suite. It was de-lish. Hubby and 16 were asking what I was making for dinner because their nose couldn't decipher the new scent. I explained that I was having mulled wine because we didn't have a toilet set warmer. Hubby calmly explained that no one in Miami has one because we don't need them here. I realize and acknowledge that but going to the bathroom made my tushy cold and the rest of me cold and so I needed to warm up, I explained. They laughed at me and left me alone. I didn't care I was all warm and cozy.
The downside or upside (its all about perspective) is that drinking the mulled wine make me have to go tinkle again and then since we still didn't have a toilet warmer, I got cold again and needed more mulled wine. Forever (until the bottle ran out) caught in a vicious cycle. I'm told that warm wine goes to your head more quickly. Hmmm....I did have a very pleasant evening that night. It was ALL GOOD.

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