Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the pits

Did you ever read "if life is a bowl of cherries, what am i doing in the pits" by Erma Bombeck? Crap. I just dated myself big time. Oh well, par for the course. When I was a kid I loved that title. I mean really loved it. I thought it was perfect. It thought it was a perfect way of explaining if may be all wonderful on the outside or in the big picture but I'm not happy right now. It also made me feel like it was OK to be not happy when essentially you have every reason to be happy just don't be unhappy all the time.

Not every day is peaches and cream. Take today for instance.... Big picture: We're alive, we're free, we both have jobs, all in good health, many blessings yadda yadda. So why do I want a do-over or better yet a skip-ahead to tomorrow. Here's why. I've got my monthly headache ergo monthly visitor about to arrive, got up late and didn't have time for coffee at home, back hurts maybe because I spent half the night crouched under the kitchen sink cleaning it out from the leaking and the backed up disposal, I forgot to mail my son's Valentine's Day card (yes, I snail mail cards. It's fun to get things in the mail!) so now it will be late, I didn't bring lunch which means I have to drag this head and back achy body someplace to eat something at some point.

So you see no earth shattering problems here. I have friends going through worse crap. So add to the above some guilt for feeling crappy when I really shouldn't. But I feel like I'm in the pits today. Erma would understand. Gimme comfort and joy at the moment.

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