Monday, February 16, 2009


So, I did cook over the weekend. I did a lot of cooking over the weekend. Aside from the normal dinner routine, I made: Waffles, Crepes, Oatmeal cranberry cookies, a flan and roasted beets with a butter parsley that was yum-mo and I made what I'll call a quickie Beef Bourguignon using a can of Golden Mushroom soup as the shortcut.

It all came out well. My biggest coup was the flan. I have been trying to made kickazz flan for years. It's always been good but not great. You see, hubby family makes kickazz flan. His mom and his aunt knock it out of the ball park. It's so dang creamy. They have given me the recipe umpteen times and gone over how to make it over and over and every time I make it hubby, 19 and I always agree that it just doesn't measure up to theirs.

Recently, his aunt actually gave me the same pan that she makes it in because I have been insisting that my problem is the cooking time. I didn't think I was pulling it out at the right doneness. So, the thinking was that if I had the same pan and cook it for the same time as she does, it should work. My first attempt with her pan on Superbowl weekend was a hit with everyone but hubby and I knew it wasn't there yet. Close but not quite. I think it was slightly overcooked. So, I tried it again as my Valentines gift for hubby. It's his favorite dessert. When I flipped it, I was nervous. I sliced into in and like the way the knife felt running through it. I served it and let him take the first bite. All he said was 'ummp, you did it!' as he swallowed the first bite. I tried it and baby, I nailed it! I did it! It was the best flan I have ever made. Oh, so creamy and not overly eggy or dense. Perfect! Oh Happy Day!
Now can I duplicate this? Can I do it again? That's the big question. But for now, I will bask in the glory of my flan, thank you very much.

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