Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Super Event

As for many the Super Bowl is an event. My boys are SUPERfanatics of the game as are many of our friends. This all leads us to a large (and every year growing larger) gathering at a friend's house to watch the game.

We by silent agreement divide up into groups. Those who actually want to watch each pass, run and down of the game and debate the wisdom of the play calling during commercials go to the TV room and watch it in HD on the 61" TV. Those who want to watch the commercials and discuss their effectiveness during the game while merely keeping track of who's winning or loosing are in the living room watching it on a normal 27" (I'm guessing here) TV. Those who want conversation with someone other than immediate family stay in the kitchen chatting. You are free to roam back and forth between the areas, there are no real rules just don't interrupt any one's viewing priorities and it's all good.

By all accounts the game this year was actually good, worth watching. I actually paid attention in the 4th quarter. By contrast the commercials - not so much. I was totally underwhelmed by the commercials this year and blame it on Wall Street. I am blaming it on the state of the economy that I think there were more movie trailers than anything else. The Anheuser Bush did come through with the horses and their sweet commercials. But some of the others were pitiful. The only one that I can recall made me laugh was the diet Pepsi one of all the men getting hurt. Actually, it make me yelp each time some one was hurt and then I laughed after the tag line. "Men can take anything except diet soda, until now."

I did not like the Conan one, or the job search ones, or the grease monkey one or the Doritos one where he got hit by a bus! I did think their snow globe one was funny but then I thought what, you have to be an idiot to eat Doritos??? So, I'm not sure about that one.

I was looking forward to the Miller High Life one-second commercials that their spots leading up to the big game had hinted at. I cracked up with after the game their commercial came on and it was just the delivery guy saying "1 Mississippi!" In the previous spots he had said that anything could be a commercial for high life LOL!

So, here's hoping that next year's Super Bowl brings us better commercials.

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